Sonia Dubois

The Neighbourhood Public Square

CIVIC SQUARE is demonstrating neighbourhood-scale civic infrastructure for social and ecological transition. Location: Ladywood, Birmingham UK. “The Neighbourhood Public Square” is about co-building and democratising access to the spaces, tools, resources and infrastructure that neighbourhoods need to co-lead the social, ecological, economic and climate transition of the 21st century. I created varied illustrations capturing different […]

Innovation Clubhouse

“Innovation Clubhouse is a catalyst for change. Our integrated concept for a living lab creates a place where athletes, researchers and the community come together to explore solutions for energy, sustainability, social inclusion and more.” — Tjeerd Haccou, co-founder Space&Matter Illustrations for the Clubhouse project. “TU Delft, KNVB and the City of Amsterdam, Space&Matter are […]

Circular City 2030

I designed a series of futuristic illustrations for the Circular City 2030 project. The vision of the circular neighborhood on commission from Space&Matter architects and the Embassy of The Netherlands in the USA. Dutch circular companies have many creative and innovative solutions for a climate friendly future. Featuring: Aectual, Metabolic, Superuse, GROWx, Amsterdam Hydraloop, Madaster, […]